Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter


There’s a really important moment near the end of each day in the backcountry, that point where you set everything down and declare that it’s time to make camp and build a fire. The Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter may just be the most reliable and rugged tool for the job.

The Wenger Fidis Camping Lighter is the tank of camping lighters. Its sturdy metal alloy construction encloses three main parts: a conventional flint and wick lighter, a unique backup fuel tank connected to the body of the lighter, and a spare compartment allowing for storage of extra flints. That’s right. This lighter is so reliable that it carries its own separately sealed spare fluid reservoir for use when the main compartment eventually evaporates or becomes empty.

Wenger made its name manufacturing swiss army knives, and that craftsmanship carries well into the Fidis Camping Lighter. It’s a nice throwback to the heritage of flint and wick lighters, and its reliability makes it a no-brainer for your outdoor kit.


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