Vertex Backpacking Stove

Vertex Backpacking Stove

Backpackers are notoriously stingy with the weight and footprint of their gear, and stoves are often unavoidable culprits when it comes to eating precious pack-space. The Vertex Backpacking Stove looks to conquer that obstacle with an incredible 1.8 ounce total weight and the ability to collapse down to the size of a foldout map.

The secret to the Vertex Backpacking Stove’s ultralight solution is its patent-pending collapsible design. What starts as a flatpack of stainless steel assembles in seconds into a full wind screen to shield fuel tablets or alcohol burners. You’ll cook faster, with less fuel, and the assembly has no moving parts, no valves, and requires no tools to assemble. It’s the ultimate combination of ingenious design marrying dependability with simplicity. Vertex stamps it with a lifetime warranty, so if you do manage to break one on the trail you can rest assured that Vertex will stand by their work and send you a replacement.



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