Vertex Backpacking Stove

Backpackers are notoriously stingy with the weight and footprint of their gear, and stoves are often unavoidable culprits when it comes to eating precious pack-space. The Vertex Backpacking Stove looks to conquer that obstacle with an incredible 1.8 ounce total weight and the ability to collapse down to the size of a foldout map.

Adidas Terrex Fast R GTX

Hybrid products usually leave us skeptical. Though the original intent is usually to blend the best of two worlds together, often you’re left satisfying neither entirely. It’s sort of how compromises work. When a company like Adidas claims to have combined the swiftness of a trail running shoe with the ruggedness of a hiking boot, Read more…

SunRocket Solar Kettle

Every outdoorsman needs a hot cup of joe in the morning. It’s practically an unwritten law, and there are plenty of fuel-based options out there whether you’re working with gas or using local tinder. SunRocket’s Solar Kettle has an even better solution: whip up your morning coffee by harnessing the power of the rising sun.

Kite Patch

It’s common knowledge, mosquitos suck (sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves). In the backcountry they’re annoying, in undeveloped countries they’re a public health crisis, and in unchartered territories they can be silent killers. Lucky for us, a new company aims to be the TOMS of mosquito repellant with the ingenious Kite Patch.

BioLite KettlePot

We are huge fans of the original BioLite. A portable stove that doubles as a gadget charger by burning twigs and leaves? Cool! Now, take that same stove and add a brew system capable of dishing out delicious coffee and you have the BioLite KettlePot, an absolute necessity for any lightweight camping or backpacking kit.

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

Many companies have tackled the “how do I charge my phone in a disaster” problem, but no one did it with as much style as Brunton. Sure, you could use a Mophie case with a built in battery, or burn some twigs to generate electricity with the BioLite, but wouldn’t it be more fun to tell people you’re carrying around a bonafide hydrogen reactor?

Jetboil Flash Java Kit

Nearly all avid backpackers will tell you that they have no problem living without most of life’s luxuries when they’re out in the woods. It’s part of the freedom and appeal of being out in the backcountry. This back to basics mentality has a limit though, and that line is usually drawn right at the Read more…