Field Notes Expedition Notebooks

Field Notes Expedition Notebook

It’s wise to always have a pen and paper handy. You never know when you’ll need to jot something down. But what happens when you’re somewhere inhospitable, say…the South Pole? Your Dollar Store $0.99 notebook isn’t going to hold up in these situations, and that’s why you need the Field Notes Expedition Notebooks.

Grabber Peel N’ Stick Body Warmer

Grabber Peel N' Stick Body Warmer

It used to be that hand and foot warmers were made for, well…your hands or feet. Not anymore, my friends. We’re no longer limited to the cruel world of stuffing pockets or socks with warmers and settling for the end result. Now, you’re only limited to your creatively toasty imagination thanks to Grabber’s Peel N’ Read more…

REI Stormproof Matches

REI Stormproof Matches

Consider this: over 40 people took the time to review a box of matches on the REI website. MATCHES. And every bar from here to Kathmandu gives books of them away for free. But these aren’t your average barfly fire starters.