SunRocket Solar Kettle

SunRocket Solar Kettle

Every outdoorsman needs a hot cup of joe in the morning. It’s practically an unwritten law, and there are plenty of fuel-based options out there whether you’re working with gas or using local tinder. SunRocket’s Solar Kettle has an even better solution: whip up your morning coffee by harnessing the power of the rising sun.

Hardcore survivalists and amateur woodsman alike will find the Solar Kettle to be a rather easy and convenient solution to boiling water, whether you’re purifying melted snow or cooking a full meal. While not as fast as the JetBoil products or as multi-functional as the BioLite stoves, the Solar Kettle’s major advantage is that on a sunny day, you always have a fuel source. There’s no gas canister or digging around for tinder; you simply fill the reservoir, open up the sun panels, and let nature do its work. Solar power is safe for cooking even in areas under a fire ban, and urban survivalists can appreciate its fuel-less operation in times of fuel shortages or in areas where tinder isn’t readily available.


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