Strike Matchbox

Soggy matches have a bad habit of not igniting, and even stormproof matches can get destroyed if their paper box is stepped on or crushed in a poorly arranged pack. The Strike matchbox protects your small individual fire-starters from the elements and potential accidents and also serves as a handy striking surface (so you can ditch the flimsy not-waterproof paper boxes).

Combining smart design with high function, the Strike matchbox is essential for safely storing and reliably lighting your matches. Its top dial twists open to dispense one match at a time (so you don’t accidentally dump the whole case onto the wet forest floor), while its strike-material coated barrel allows you to light one while you’re removing it.

If you need a reliable striking surface for something other than what’s inside your Strike matchbox, the textured bottom will ignite a strike-anywhere match while included sticky strike pads will light the rest. The matchbox holds 45 matches, dispenses one match at a time, and is constructed out of brushed stainless steel.

Well-built, nicely designed, and extremely useful, the Strike matchbox is a must-have for outdoorsmen who prefer matches. It’s also helps that its radically sexier than traditional match canisters.


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