SpareOne Emergency Phone

SpareOne Emergency Phone

A working cell-phone is a must-have in any emergency situation, but what happens when your cell battery dies? Major emergencies (think hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, etc.) often knock out power for days or weeks. Cue the SpareOne Emergency Phone, a handy piece of technological marvel that can make a call on any cell network and lasts 15 years on a single AA battery.

Insert your SIM card from your current cell phone into the SpareOne, and you can dial anyone via your standard cell carrier. Don’t have a SIM card handy? No problem. You can always reach local emergency services by pressing the phone’s red emergency button, even without a SIM card. Other features of the SpareOne include the ability to be geo-located, 9 speed-dial settings, a built-in LED torch, and battery/network LED status indicator lights.

PCMag reports that call reception is thin and fuzzy though noise cancellation is surprisingly effective, and at this price-point that’s something we can definitely live with.



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