SOL Thermal Bivvy

SOL Thermal Bivvy

Getting stuck out in the elements overnight is every outdoorsmen’s worst nightmare, and the most important thing you can do in that moment is find shelter before nightfall. Sure, if you brought a knife you can try and whittle away at an improvised lean-to, Bear Grylls style, or you can pull out the SOL Thermal Bivvy and stay warm and dry until morning.

Ideal for hikers, climbers, backcountry skiiers, mountaineers, ultralight backpackers, or minimalist campers, the SOL Thermal Bivvy is the perfect lightweight, durable emergency shelter. It’s hard-wearing SOL thermal fabric reflects up to 80% of your body’s radiated heat and adjustable side venting allows you to regulate the temperature and humidity inside of the shelter.

Put one in your pack, or in the trunk of your car, and hope you never have to use it. But if a storm blows in, the temperature drops, and you’re stuck somewhere overnight, this 34″x84” emergency sleeping bag will protect you down to temperatures of 50°F. It’s the lightest and least expensive life insurance policy you can buy.


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