Slat Grill

Slat Grill

There are many options for outdoor cooking, including propane-based stove burners, portable gas grills, and even your good old-fashioned Weber that’s out on the back deck. But when you’re out in the wilderness, nothing quite says “the outdoors” like cooking over an open fire. The Slat Grill is an unbelievably portable—and genuinely simple—solution that lets you use traditional heat sources like wood while staying lightweight and low-profile.

Crafted out of hard-anodized aluminum and rust-proof stainless steel, the Slat Grill can be set up anywhere in minutes, is beautifully uncomplicated to use, and allows you to utilize any heat source you’d like—gas, charcoal, or wood. Side panels block the wind and venting scoops help ensure your heat source stays lit. It’s quick and easy to set up, and when you’re finished it’s easy to clean and breaks down to an unbelievably small stack of metal slats that fit inside a smart canvas pouch.

Ultra-portable cooking solutions often require propane tanks and one-burner limitations, but the Slat Grill allows you to go ultra-portable and still utilize old fashioned heat sources like wood. Bring it along on your next fishing, hiking, camping, or backcountry trip and enjoy some good old fashioned camp food cooked over an open fire.


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