REI Stormproof Matches

REI Stormproof Matches

Consider this: over 40 people took the time to review a box of matches on the REI website. MATCHES. And every bar from here to Kathmandu gives books of them away for free.

But these aren’t your average barfly fire starters.

These little wonders of chemistry will burn underwater. They’ll re-light after a gust of wind has put out the flame, and they don’t need oxygen to burn which means they can’t be extinguished by sand, dirt, or anything else you might try to smother them with. Consider them the annoying little brother of the fire-starter world, impossible to get rid of but potentially life-saving. When your trek has gone to hell and you’re dealing with the elements, it’s comforting to know that you can count on these to get the job done.

REI ships them in 2-packs of 25 matches each, and you’ll want to hang on to the strike-strips since they’re nearly impossible to light on anything else (a handy safety feature given their resilience). Pack these and some emergency tinder, and you’ll have a fire starter kit that’s foolproof, even in the worst weather.


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