Philips ShoqBox

Philips Shoqbox

Bluetooth speakers are rather ubiquitous these days, but they’re usually pricey and sensitive to the elements. Sure, that’s great for tunes around the house, but what happens when the party moves poolside, to the beach, or out camping? Cue the Philips Shoqbox, a unique and tough contender that’s virtually accident proof.

This rugged road warrior is a tube-shaped powerhouse that features two 4-watt neodymium speaker drivers, dual bass radiators, and an eight-hour rechargeable lithium battery. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth (up to 30 feet) to your standard array of audio streaming devices (i.e. cell phone or tablet), and it’s water resistant cover protects the USB charging port and 3.5mm aux jack from spilt drinks or the occasional poolside splash. It’s all-business design is shock proof, comes in 4 different colors, and includes a built-in metal loop so that you can clip it securely to your bag, a tree branch, etc. and get on with more important things like what drinks you’re serving fireside.

For an ideal setup, Philips will even let you pair two shoqboxes together for a left and right stereo sound experience. Get a little creative and you can string up two of these bad boys around your campsite for some nice outdoor dance party action.


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