Otterbox Armor Series Cases

Otterbox Armor Series Cases

No matter how far we travel into the backcountry to get away from it all, it’s inevitable that we almost always bring our phones. It would be irresponsible not to, right? But this poses a problem: the backcountry isn’t exactly gadget-friendly, and today’s smartphones aren’t getting any cheaper. We need something waterproof, crush-proof, drop-proof, and impermeable to dirt and dust. The Otterbox Armor Series Cases deliver, and they’re now the go-to for gadget protection outdoors.

Otterbox doesn’t mince words with their new product line, describing the Otterbox Armor Series Cases as the “toughest cases ever built.” It’s a bold claim, and the feature-set backing it up is impressive. The case is waterproof for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 6 feet, protects your devices from drops on concrete at up to 10 feet, and is completely impenetrable by dust or debris. Oh, and it’s crush-proof at up to 2 tons of pressure. Your device would easily survive a 10 foot drop into a 6 foot deep creek full of murky, debri-filled water, even if you accidentally step on it while fishing it out. Best of all, it manages to accomplish all of this without affecting the functionality of your device or the quality of the sound.

The Otterbox Armor Series cases will be available for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S III on February 22, 2013.




  1. Nobody can hear me either, ALSO THE FUCKING SPEAKER PORT ON THE BOTTOM IS FAKE, its just an indented piece of the hard plastic case. and the mic port only kinda works, FUCKING BULLSHIT!

  2. Keith Clinard says

    This is fucking ridiculous. After paying over 300 bucks for a nice phone, I spend another 80 on the armor case and guess what? No one as n hear me! So phone is just useless if its protected? Funny thing is, my girlfriend brought home Liverpool cases first and I
    insisted on trading them for these armor cases. Big mistake! If you cant use the phone- What’s the fucking point of protecting it? 80 dollars worth of trash.

  3. Sound of speak seems amplified .cant hear callerss and they cant hear me

  4. I just picked up an armor series for my 4s. It does not appear to seal evenly all the way around. But the water test proved it was a nice tight seal. But when I received my first call, the caller could not hear me at all. So I had to scramble to take it out and take my call. What a bummer! Will be contacting otterbox tomorrow.

  5. shawn conard says

    I just get my otterbox armor for ATT Samsung galaxy 3.And I’m not to sure what to think, BC when I get a call I really can’t hear the when I had the defender that’s a good case but dust gets behind the screen protecter .so what’s next?

  6. If only this were true: “Best of all, it manages to accomplish all of this without affecting the functionality of your device or the quality of the sound.”

    The other person can’t hear you because the waterproof seal on the mic is covering the mic with plastic foam and rubber. When you talk that rubber flap vibrates so not only are you a lot quieter but you sound funny too. They should have tested better.

    • We’ve heard this complaint quite a bit for models like the Otterbox Defender, and it’s an issue that many of Otterbox’s competitors have struggled with (i.e. Lifeproof). But, we didn’t seem to run into it with the Armor series. Did you? If so, we’d love to hear more from you.

    • I did see this… This review seems to sum it up really well:

      “In our tests the in-coming voice audio was good but we received complaints on how it was slightly muffled coming from our end on our calls.”
      “Microphone seems lower. After a few tests we had a few complaints that our voice sounded lower and a little muffled when the case was on compared to when we weren’t using it.”

      However, unlike the reviewer, I did not expect this, even with a completely sealed phone. Otterbox support says the phone should sound normal when in the case.

      Simply pulling the plug for the mic/headphone jack when answering makes big difference, so I will try to get into the habit of that. Also using a BT headset would be another workaround.

    • We’re considering doing a follow up test where we compare the audio muffling of all of the waterproof cases. Thanks for the great idea, and thanks for reading Outdoorked!

    • My son just bought the Otter Box Armor Series for his dad. Yes, it is everything a locked fireproof box does for a fire, but you can’t use the phone. It is just an overpriced phone box for protection of our own misfortunes of humanity, dropping the phone in the toilet, taking it to the beach as you are riding on your jet ski, or leaving it on your dashboard while riding in your jeep as the wind is blowing 35 miles per hour in the desert. You can’t use the phone.

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