Nike+ Fuelband

Nike+ FuelbandBuilding on the success of their Nike+ line of running pedometers, Nike has introduced a new, all-purpose physical activity monitor, the Nike+ Fuelband. Utilizing a three-axis accelerometer to measure all kinds of movement—not just running—the Nike+ Fuelband converts your movement data into a new Nike-created metric, Nikefuel. This new points-based activity measurement is built on oxygen kinetics, and allows people to compare their daily physical activity to other Nike+ users on an even playing field, independent of their personal physiology. The more active you are, the more Nikefuel points you create, and the higher your Nikefuel score for the day.

The wristband comes equipped with an LED activity spectrum that provides a quick glimpse at your current fuel levels, and you can sync your daily data via USB or Bluetooth to the Nike+ website or iPhone app. Once logged in to the app or the website, you can set personal goals for yourself, track your progress, and monitor your overall activity levels across days, months, and years. It’s all very familiar for current Nike+ running users.

After the lackluster splash of the Jawbone Up, a similar though ultimately flawed product, Nike stands to have a hit on their hands if their technology can deliver. Though the Up quickly lost buzz because of its difficult to use software, early screenshots indicate the Fuelband software borrows heavily from Nike’s very successful running app.

Overall, the Nike+ Fuelband is a must-have for athletes and anyone else who’s interested in monitoring their overall activity levels on a regular basis, provided you can get your hands on one. Though Nike started accepting pre-orders for the $149 device on 1/19/2012, all pre-order inventory sold out in the first 24 hours.


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