Mophie Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition

Mophie Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition

The Mophie Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition is built for campers, hikers, and anyone else who loves to venture off of the beaten path. This rugged juice pack not only keeps your iPhone charged, it ships with a companion app that turns your iPhone in to the most extensive backwoods GPS receiver available. This combo is especially helpful considering how quickly most GPS functions drain the iPhone 4’s battery.

The dual-injected hard shell case has a protective rubber band around its exterior, shielding the phone from drops and dings and providing just as much protection as the backside hard shell. An exterior LED battery status light reveals the juice pack’s charge at the press of a button, and an exterior switch allows you to toggle back and forth between iPhone power and the juice pack’s charge.

While battery lifetime will vary based on usage, the Juice Pack (on average) will restore an iPhone to a full charge from as low as 10% battery life. For most users, the result will be about two full days of usage out of a fully charged iPhone + fully charged Juice Pack.

Mophie’s bundled GPS app comes with 650,000 map images covering 5 million square miles of backcountry, and lets you save an unlimited amount of waypoints, tracks, and geo-referenced photos. You can share your treks and photos directly from the app to Facebook and email, and a statistics page for your trek will break down your land speed, distance, and elevation.

Boasting the most complete public land management dataset available on any device, a comprehensive list of roads and trails for outdoor recreation, and over 1.2 million points of interest, the app itself is well worth the price. Combine that with a tough outer case and an extra battery to fend off the power drain of the iPhone’s GPS, and the Juice Pack Plus Outdoor Edition artfully transforms any iPhone 4 in to a highly effective backwoods GPS receiver.


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