Kite Patch

Kite Patch

It’s common knowledge, mosquitos suck (sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves). In the backcountry they’re annoying, in undeveloped countries they’re a public health crisis, and in unchartered territories they can be silent killers. Lucky for us, a new company aims to be the TOMS of mosquito repellant with the ingenious Kite Patch.

Initially launched with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, the Kite Patch is a rugged, simple, and remarkably effective sticker you place on your clothing. Believe it or not, the sticker uses powerful, completely non-toxic compounds (FDA-approved, we might add) that block mosquitos’ ability to track humans by disrupting their carbon dioxide neurons. For 48 hours, you’re mosquito-cloaked, and all it takes is a sticker. No chemicals on your skin, no sticky sprays, and no more aerosol cans.

Our favorite part about Kite is their TOMS-like approach to the global anti-mosquito cause. Buy 10 stickers and they’ll ship off another 10 to a family in Uganda. From what we here, Malaria gets a little dodgy out there. Update your mosquito repellant with the high-tech Kite and fulfill your daily good-duty obligation all at the same time.


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