Jetboil Helios

Jetboil Helios

Jetboil arguably has the most clearly defined brand in backpacking gear. Their cooking systems deliver on one important promise, and it’s stated bluntly right in the name. A Jetboil stove boils water faster than anything else on the market. The Jetboil Helios cooking system expands that promise into a high performance, high capacity package that’s ready for anything.

Incorporating the same FluxRing® technology that launched the award-winning, best-selling PCS, Jetboil has scaled up and combined the PCS’ benefits with inverted butane canister injection to create the easiest to use, most efficient, high capacity system available for outdoor cooking. What’s inverted butane canister injection, you ask? Jetboil created this novel technology to ensure that your stove lights in any condition, including high altitude and subzero temperatures. The Jetboil Helios lights quickly and reliably with the click of a button, and heats consistently down to the last drop of fuel. It’s an all-in-one cooking system that covers the gamut, from melting snow to prepping robust meals for you and your crew.

All in all, it comes down to speed, and the Helios boils a liter of water in less than 3 minutes, crushing its marketplace competition. Now that this speed comes in a larger capacity package, you can share the wealth instead of waiting around for your backpacking chums’ water to boil.


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