Jetboil Flash Java Kit

Jetboil Flash Java Kit

Nearly all avid backpackers will tell you that they have no problem living without most of life’s luxuries when they’re out in the woods. It’s part of the freedom and appeal of being out in the backcountry. This back to basics mentality has a limit though, and that line is usually drawn right at the morning cup of coffee. It’s an essential—non-negotiable—and instant coffee doesn’t usually cut it. But, if you pack yourself a Jetboil Flash Java Kit, you can start each day on the trail with a hot mug of freshly-brewed french press coffee.

The Flash system is unique to begin with, featuring Jetboil’s patented FluxRing cooking cup and a color-changing insulated neoprene sleeve that let’s you know when your brew is hot. Add to that a stabilization base, modified drinking lid, and the french press plunger, and you’ll have boiling water for a fresh pot in just 2 minutes. It’s a much needed and crafty modification of Jetboil’s standard system that should be a must-have for all backcountry coffee drinkers.


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