Grabber Peel N’ Stick Body Warmer

Grabber Peel N' Stick Body Warmer

It used to be that hand and foot warmers were made for, well…your hands or feet. Not anymore, my friends. We’re no longer limited to the cruel world of stuffing pockets or socks with warmers and settling for the end result. Now, you’re only limited to your creatively toasty imagination thanks to Grabber’s Peel N’ Stick Body Warmers.

These new packets produce heat for up to 12 hours at 127°F, and all you have to do is stick them to an inner layer of your clothing. They’re also made with 100% environmentally safe, non-toxic materials, so you can feel safe about giving them to the kiddos. Paste them all over your inner layers and prepare to practice your “who, me?” look in front of your friends’ thermal scanners.


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