Gerber Apocalypse Kit

Gerber Apocalypse Kit

In end-game scenarios, everyone always has their favorite would-be zombie-killing weapon, be it a crossbow or the old-fashioned 12-gauge. The problem is, a lot of people are going to show up empty-handed and unprepared. That’s when you simply unfurl your Gerber Apocalypse Kit and let the masses fight over the contents.

The kit is a handled carry-all stocked full of the meanest survival tools and weapons that Gerber makes (mind you, this company creates a wealth of gear for swat teams and the U.S. military, so this isn’t a handful of swiss army knives). Unsnap the durable nylon case, roll it out on the nearest table or tailgate, and you’ve got a table-top display of seven incredibly well-made tools: the Gator Machete, the Camp Axe II, the Gator Machete Pro, the Parang, the LMF II Infantry, the DMF Folder Tanto, and the Epic Drop Point.

Personally, I’m not interested in getting close enough to ever need a hand-to-hand weapon in a post-apocalyptic scenario, but I certainly can see the value in passing out some much-needed gear to the group so they can hold ’em off while I find higher ground and more ammo.


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