Flir Scout PS32 Night Vision Monocular

Flir Scout PS32 Night Vision Monocular

Seeing in the dark can be crucial in certain environments: citywide power outages, post-apocalyptic scenarios, or even that bleary-eyed trip to the campsite bathroom in the middle of the night. Regardless of the scenario, the Flir Scout PS32 Night Vision Monocular has you covered.

The Flir Scout PS32 Night Vision Monocular features a compact, weather-proof design, a 320×240 VOx microbolometer thermal imaging detector, 2X digital E-Zoom, +/- two diopter adjustment, a built-in LCD display, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The Flir can detect a human body at up to 350 feet, comes with a standard tripod mount for extended stakeouts, and has a less than five-second start-up time.

The company itself has a rich heritage in the imaging industry that dates back to the late 1970’s, just the kind of workmanship you’d want when you’re discovering nocturnal animals, finding wandering members of your party, locating lost livestock, or spotting downed game.


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