Field Notes Expedition Notebooks

Field Notes Expedition Notebook

It’s wise to always have a pen and paper handy. You never know when you’ll need to jot something down. But what happens when you’re somewhere inhospitable, say…the South Pole? Your Dollar Store $0.99 notebook isn’t going to hold up in these situations, and that’s why you need the Field Notes Expedition Notebooks.

Field Notes is widely known for their stylish notebooks, but not until now has the utility of a notebook become such a focus. Field Notes took painstaking care to source a paper called Yupo Synthetic that’s tear proof, water proof, 100% recyclable, and yet still can somehow be written on by standard pencils and ball point pens. The notebooks’ overall durability has been drastically amped up compared to their standard notebooks (which are great, too, but not suitable for the Antarctic), and Field Notes meticulously outlines 12 suitability tests each notebook passes in order to ensure it’ll hold up in the field. You can even watch video of the various tests, which include waterproofing, visibility, wind resistance, ballistics, vacuum, tensile strength, compression, acid resistance, flame resistance, extreme temperature, electromagnetism, and electrical resistance at Field Notes’ website.


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