Casio G-Shock Aviation Series

Casio G-Shock Aviation Series

If Jason Bourne wore a watch, it’d be this one.

Now, I’m sure your grandfather’s Rolex looks lovely, but sometimes a man needs something a little more durable. The G-Shock Aviation series is built to withstand the grueling g-forces of air racing.

Air racing, you say?

Not even the 12 g’s that fighter pilots pull during dogfights would upset the 1/100-second accuracy of the Aviator’s shock resistant hand formations. While Typical watches are prone to lose their rotational balance in extreme conditions like this, your own lungs would collapse before the Aviaton’s precise timekeeping device was affected.

So yes, air racing.

And you can forget about having to set the time since the Aviaton’s multi-band atomic timekeeping mechanism automatically radios the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Colorado to ensure that you’re up to the minute. The only thing more accurate is the U.S. military’s GPS satellite system, and the Aviaton is solar powered, meaning it’ll never grind to a halt so long as you manage to surface during daylight hours once in a while.

The outer case of the Aviaton is fully enclosed in a forge moulding-reinforced polyhedral metal bezel to protect the module, while a large-diameter urethane ring is installed to safeguard the crystal. The urethane ring also plays a role in preventing damage to cockpit equipment, or anything else you manage to smash your wrist in to: European assassins, rogue CIA agents, the bar after one too many tequila shots…

You get the picture.


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