Bush Smarts Bear Star

Bush Smarts Bear Star

The idyllic solitude of the backcountry can often fool the unsuspecting into thinking they’re alone, but any outdoorsmen worth his salt will tell you that backcountry bears will rob you blind if given the chance. Outfox those bears like a ninja with the Bush Smarts Bear Star, an incredibly nifty and simple piece of camping technology that makes stringing up your bear bag faster, easier, and a hell of a lot more fun.

Hanging your bear bag with the Bear Star line thrower increases your accuracy and range, and it saves you from having to forage around for rocks or tying a huge knot in your line. The Bear Star also keeps your line compact and tangle free so it’s always ready for deployment, and it comes armed with 50 feet of high visibility, tree-friendly 2.75mm cord.

The thrower itself features titanium construction (recycled from aerospace parts), easily secures to an anchor tree knot-free, and comes with high visibility, hand-dipped red tips. All of these high visibility feature sets will come in handy, once you start chucking this thing around through the tree tops.


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