Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

Brunton Hydrogen Reactor

Many companies have tackled the “how do I charge my phone in a disaster” problem, but no one did it with as much style as Brunton. Sure, you could use a Mophie case with a built in battery, or burn some twigs to generate electricity with the BioLite, but wouldn’t it be more fun to tell people you’re carrying around a bonafide hydrogen reactor?¬†Stock your camping trips, earthquake kits, and emergency go-bags with the handy Burton Hydrogen Reactor¬†and you’ll have the coolest emergency power source on the block.

At its core, the Reactor is a portable recharging station, albeit a unique one. Instead of relying on the energy of an outlet, hydrogen from its removable, rechargeable cores combines with oxygen from the atmosphere to generate clean power for your electronics. The only byproduct is a puff of water vapor. At 5 inches long and roughly 8 ounces, its small package can charge an iPhone six times before exhausting one of its fuel cells.

In case your interest in the science, the key to the Reactor is its hydrogen fuel cells. Roughly the size of two C batteries, these hydrogen cores are rated at 1,000 cycles and use a platinum catalyst to separate positively-charged hydrogen ions from negatively-charged electrons. The electrons are then routed through a circuit, generating power to charge your USB devices. Leftover hydrogen ions are fired through an electrolyte membrane where they combine with oxygen and create water vapor. All so you can check your Facebook status in dire times. Your high school chemistry teacher would be proud.


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