Black Diamond Ice Box

Black Diamond Ice Box

You know, ice climbing is a lot like rock climbing. Only it’s not. The surface you’re climbing is frozen water: treacherous, slick, and much more prone to breaking. Also, formations like glaciers and frozen waterfalls tend to be ridiculously remote—so there’s that, too. Forget a crampon or an ice screw in the car and your S–O–L. The Black Diamond Ice Box keeps all of your gear organized, handy, and protected, and it’s tough enough that you can even bring it up the ice face.

Wrapped in durable ballistic cloth and closed-cell foam padding, the Black Diamond Ice Box holds 4 tools, your crampons, and 10 ice screws, with plenty of extra room for ice picks and various accessories. All of that storage weighs in a just under 3 lbs (empty, obviously), and it’s overall construction is rock-solid.


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