Picture this scenario: you’re out in the wilderness, your iPhone’s on its last bar of battery, and you’ve already maxed out any backup battery you may have had with you. Most people at this point would be (as we say in the ‘hood) S-O-L. But not you. You grab a few stray pinecones and some twigs, light up your BioLite, plug in your cell phone charger, and in a few minutes your iPhone is back up and running.

The BioLite is a portable stove and it’s a gadget charger, turning stray twigs and dried kindling into electricity for your gadgets. You can boil water and charge your LED lantern; or whip up a meal while you bring that dead GPS back to life, all while you’re miles from the nearest electrical outlet.

You could even roast a marshmallow or two while you charge your gadgets, just don’t get overeager and let the melted ‘mellow drip on your expensive phone.


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